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Founder & Executive Producer

Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer

Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer

Céline Vanlint

Creative Development
Film Production Coordinator

Lars Wagner

Executive Producer

About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.

Cabadzi Blier Polaroid

Maxime Bruneel

The band Cabadzi collaborated with film maker Bertrand Blier to create an album based on his renowned films. Director Maxime Bruneel crafted the clip Polaroid starting from the illustrations of Adams Carvalho. 


Director: Maxime Bruneel
Illustration: Adams Carvalho
Production: Eddy
Producers: Mélanie Parisi, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Alice Binard
Producer Assistant: Camille Marquet
Editor: Manuel Coutant
Animation: Olivier Lescot, Claire Matz, Basil Malik, Diego Torres, Amélie Maurice, Venkatram Viswanathan, Robin Desnoue, Clara Danjoux
Compositing: Vincent Ewald


Hugo Ramirez

Produced by Moustache
Animation helped by Chuan-Chin Wang
Music by Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer
Mixed & Mastered by Mercer
Official Selection of Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy, France 2014
Official Selection of CutOut Festival 2014, Mexico 2014
Official Selection of Anim’Est, Bucharest 2014
Official Selection of Milwaukee Film festival, 2014
Official Selection of Festival Sequence Court Métrage Toulouse, France 2014
Official Selection of Telluride International Film Festival 2014
Official Selection of Wiesbaden International Animation Film Festival 2014
Official Selection of TIFF Light Box 2014


Written & Directed by Hugo Ramirez & Olivier Patté
Produced by Moustache
Animation helped by Wang Chuan-Chin
Mixed & Mastered by Mercer

Art Department - Walls

Hugo Moreno, Sixth Sense

Art Department - Walls, official music video.


Clip directed by Grandson & Son, Hugo Moreno and Jonny White
Art Direction: Hugo Moreno
Character design: Hanne Galvez
Animations: Hanne Galvez and Bernard Som
Studio: Chez Eddy
Production: The Field
Label: No.19

Charles X - Can You Do It?


The charismatic LA-born musician Charles X teamed up with our very own in-house director, Quentin Baillieux (one half of the Parallelduo) for his eagerly anticipated new single entitled Can You Do It, this intricately crafted mixed 3D/2D animation music video produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio.
Quentin beautifully merges the typically highbrow sport of horse racing with the commonly misrepresented “mean streets” of Pacoima, the proud birthplace of Charles X, to challenge any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern day society.


Lyrics: Charles X
Director: Quentin Baillieux
Production : Eddy
Co-producers : Les Androids Associés

Festivals and Awards 2017:
Berlin Music Video Awards Nomination 
Supertoon in Croatia - 1st Prize Best Music Video
Aniflm, Czech Republic - Official Selection
Anima, Brussels - Official Selection

Effervescing Elephant

Yoann Hervo

Effervescing Elephant from the album "Barrett" by Syd Barrett, released in November 1970.


Direction / Animation: Yoann Hervo
Compositing: Hugo Moreno
Additional Animation: Lucie Arnissolle, Remy Clarke, Hanne Galvez, Nathan Harbonn, Mathilde Loubes
Sound design: Fabien Carouge
Co-production: Eddy

Louise Attaque - Du monde Tout Autour

Louis Clichy

The French band Louise Attaque (Gaëtan Roussel, Robin Feix, etc.) broke up in 2006 after releasing the album “A plus tard Crocodiles”, which won the French Music Award in the pop/rock category. Useless to say that the release of the “Greatest hits” album called “Du monde autour” on October 24th is quite an event, with its two new songs.

It is an opportunity for the director Louis Clichy (animator on “Wall-e”, “Up” and “Ratatouille”, produced by Pixar) to sign a great music video with a very rough, rhythmic and sensitive style that fits the band’s energy perfectly. It is also his first music video as a director: what an event indeed! Louis Clichy, who is currently working on a very ambitious feature film (Asterix in 3D, co-directed with Alexandre Astier), offers himself a very creative blast: he loved the exercise. ChezEddy produced the video in only 22 days. Besides, animated sequences were created and shown at the mythic Ferber Studio in Paris and on the “Taratata” TV show.

The emblematic character of Louis Attaque, created by the bass player Robin Feix, is the video’s heroine. She pretty much suits what Louis Clichy likes to do: black and white, line drawing. “I’m rather close to that kind of style, the character is easy to draw, and offers real freedom. Actually, what mattered to me when I listened to the music was to find out if I could do something with it. The rhythm was important. The rhythm and, by extension, the music totally match the animation. Technically, it’s a quite simple film to make, pretty rough, very inspired. It is very pleasant to do, there is a lot of free tone”.

Along with the video, ChezEddy signed the animations in the collector DVD set “Du monde tout autour” that will accompany the forthcoming release of the music video.


Director: Louis Clichy
Production: ChezEddy
Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Label: Barclay

Production manager: Davy Koskas
Animation and Compositing: Antoine Ettori, Sébastien Rouxel, Matthieu Gaillard, Mathias Lachal, Ludovic Versace, Thibaut Gayral, Alice Bissonnet
Rotoscopie: Olivier Guedj, Alexandre Bain
Grading: Jean-Michel Petit

Special thanks: Robin Feix, Arnaud Le Guilcher

Concorde - Sons

Alexis Beaumont

A young woman receives a friend request on a social network from a man she used to have a cruch on at school. Buxom and feeling bad about herself, she had not been able to seize the opportunity to exchange a first kiss with him at his birthday party. Today, she is gorgeous and sees in this request the occasion to fix the mistakes of the clumsy teenager she used to be. She will do her best to seduce her first love. But obsessed with her body and its transformation, she will let her love escape again.

The graphic treatment aims at underlining both the tragic side of the story and the nostalgic tenderness of the first loves. Naïve illustrations confront the pathetic situation the woman is living. The high visuel identity is inspired by Jonny Négron's work.

Festivals and Awards:

Cervignano Film Festival - Jury Mention
Expotoons 2014  -  Best commissioned work Award
Japan Media Arts Festival
FIFF, Namur, Belgium


Directors: AB+RG
Label: Sister Records

Alain Bashung - L'Homme à Tête de Chou

Maxime Bruneel

Maxime Bruneel directs a 9-minute musical short film with a famous song by Serge Gainsbourg, Variations sur Marilou, interpreted in 2006 by Alain Bashung.
The lyrics are based on false repetitions. The same sentences regularly come back, slightly modified. Maxime Bruneel built his music video on the same scheme, with a certain number of extended shots to create variations. The unusual length of the song and its slow and repetitive rhythm claim a strong principle of mise-en-scene. Maxime chose to create 74 animated shots and transfered them to an editor as he would normally do for a live-action music video. The main constraint would have been do the whole project without any precise preview of the music video's cut, without any complete raw cut. The music video thus keeps a spontaneous side with unexpected and cyclic transitions in the repetitiveness.
The song rests between reality and fantasy. The music video explores this aspect by showing Marilou's gestures, parallel to the imaginary world of desire, all at once. It thus responds to the very daring worlds of Bashung and Gainsbourg. Maxime Bruneel's challenge was to achieve to show this image without it being shocking or bandied about. We are closer to Courbet's "Origine du monde" than today's pornographic films.
History reminder :
In 2006, Alain Bashung records his version of "L'Homme à la Tête de Chou", the mythical and totally uncharacteristic album recorded in 1976 by Serge Gainsbourg. In this version, recorded for the musical created and directed by choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta in 2009, Bashung performs, as only he could do it, this 12-song poetic masterpiece, written by the grand Gainsbar. With his inimitable phrasing, his warm and sensual voice, Bashung imposes his silences, draws the contours of poetic and urban images, always surprisingly modern and exact, with this rock and classy elegance that qualifies him.


Director: Maxime Bruneel
Label: Barclay
Production Company: ChezEddy
Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Line producer: Coline Six
Production manager: Anne-Lise Mallard
Animation: Antoine Ettori, Emmanuelle Walker, Matthieu Gaillard, Vincent Verniers, Gaëtan Louet
Editing: Manuel Coutan, Olivier Guedj
Thanks: ChezLouis, Arnaud Le Guilcher, Olivier Descroix

Gablé - Tropicool

Marie & Lucas , Marie & Lucas

Vimeo Staff Picks

Punks Jump Up feat Dave 1 (chromeo) - Mr Overtime

Maxime Bruneel

"Mr. Overtime" by Punks Jump Up: a road trip with Maxime Bruneel.

Maxime Bruneel is a French director known for his psychedelic animated music videos and the colored world of his live visuals. More particularly he directed "Your Love" by Aston Shuffle, "Jeez Louise" by Secret Squirrel and "Variation sur Marilou" by Alain Bashung.

After collaborating with Universal and Ministry of Sound, English label MODA's turn to ask him to direct Punks Jump Up's next promo, an eccentric English duo working on the title "Mr. Overtime" with Chromeo's singer "DAVE 1."

Londoner DJ duo created in 2002, Punks Jump Up delivers a dancing and definitely sophisticated electro pop. Over the years, the group multiplied collaborations with references from London's underground, proof of the quality of the group. Title "Mr. Overtime" is the opportunity for a new collaboration with Dave 1 from Chromeo and for Maxime Bruneel to sign a road-trip-shaped music video.

The Music Video produced by ChezEddy and directed by Maxime Bruneel is true to the aerial and subtle sounds of the group. Punks Jump Up wanted a music video inspired by "Alphabet City", a movie by Amos Poe. (Alphabet City (1984) Trailer – YouTube)

The idea was to go back to this 80's grain with a car driving in the fog, the night. Obvious references to this world are David Lynch's films, "Mulholland Drive" and "Lost Highway". 

For Maxime Bruneel, the ambition was to recreate this ambiance, but revisited in a 2012 way not to fall back in a repetition of a 80's video.

Entirely animated with a very minimal render, black background, flashy colors in 2D, Maxime injected graphics, designed typos and perverted the colors scale to reach to something definitely current and more pop.

The pitch is rather simple : four young people travel the country in a Stang with radio sound, they dance in the open-top car until they hit a strange beast. In the accident, characters merge with the beast whom they bear the head then.

To ensure that the music would match the car scenes, Maxime did a quick editing of scenes from films like "Drive" by Nicholas Winding Refn, "Death Proof" by Q. Tarantino, "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola, "True Romance" by Tony Scott, "Mulholland Drive" and "Lost Highway" by David Lynch, synchronized with the music by PJU. A little like a crazy sampler, the director didn't hesitate (or didn't resist the temptation!) to play with scenes, camera angles, use this material to create his own musical road trip! The result appeared so promising that the idea of a real cut, synchronized with the sound, by taking all live images that he liked, started to take shape. What was supposed to be a simple test at first became the starting point of the music video. The editing was then left to Manuel Coutant with whom they released more real than life animatics, with live pictures true sensations, linked to the images taken from the selected films.

This direction system happen to be very practical as it enabled to define a very strong ambiance, definitive timing and energy of the shots from the start. From the live cut, Maxime extracted the subject and the camera movements.

He then redesigned by re-using the organization of the image (perspective, etc.). For the animation, he chose to direct a faithful interpretation more than rotoscoping which would have been too smooth and cold.

The result is very much rich and stylized. Characters are 2D animated on Flash, the beast was created from a bear, an octopus and a bulldog! It was then modeled in 3D and animated on Maya, as well as the car, then composed in After Effects.

The result lives up to the director's expectations who signs an elegant promo with numerous cinematographic references who perfectly matches the band's spirit.


Director: Maxime Bruneel
Production: Eddy
Producers: Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-François Bourrel

Feu! Chatterton - Fou à Lier

Nicolas Hu & Maïté Grandjouan

Eddy produced this music video for upcoming French indie group, Feu! Chatterton. "Fou à Lier" translates as "Raving Mad" but can mean so much more.
In this world, there are no facts, only interpretations.


Artist: Feu! Chatterton
Label: Universal Music
Directors: Nicolas Hu & Maïté GrandjouanProduction Studio: Eddy
Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Production Manager: Charles-Philippe Bowles
Illustrator: Maïté Grandjouan
Lead Animator: Nicolas Hu
Animator: Clémence Maret
Colours: Lora Hristova
Editor: Manuel Coutant