Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Executive Producer

Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer

Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer

Céline Vanlint

Creative Development
Film Production Coordinator

Lars Wagner

Executive Producer

About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.

Assassin's Creed Origins - From Sand

Rob Petrie

A tribute to ancient Egypt’s beauty as much as a metaphor of its frailty, the film shows the symbols and achievements of a whole civilization being swept away by the wind.


Client: Ubisoft
Agency: DDB Paris
Creative director: Alexander KALCHEV
Art director: Mickaël JACQUEMIN
Copywriter: Benoît OULHEN
Agency referees: Marie-Elise ARCHAMBAUD, Karl CÔME-CORNEILLE
Client referees: Geoffroy SARDIN, Guillaume CARMONA, Clément PREVOSTO,Justine TOXÉ
Game council: Alban 404
Strategic planning: Sébastien GENTY, Dominique CASTELLANO
TV Producer: Quentin MOENNE-LOCCOZ
Production: Eddy
Producers: Lars WAGNER, Jean-Francois BOURREL
Studio: MPC N.Y
Director: Rob PETRIE
Sound production: The
Music supervisor: Alexandre RABIA
Composer: Max RICHTER

Ghost Recon - Introduction

Guillaume Ivernel

Discover a very realistic and immersive full CG piece of animation by Brunch Studio for Ubisoft's Franchise :Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Wildlands.



Client: Ubisoft
Production: Eddy
Director: Guillaume Ivernel
Animation: Brunch Studio

A couple of young parents, freshly installed in the neighbourhood, tries to brighten up the christmas of a listless French village...


Client: Loto (FDJ)
Client crew: Cédric Breton, Cécile Lagé, Olivier Pribile, Marina Jault, Matthieu Schebatt, Anne Pasquesoone

Agency: BETC
Head of Artistic Direction: Stéphane Xiberras
Executive Artistic Director: Olivier Apers
Head of Strategy: Guillaume Martin
Agency Producer: Gwendoline Burel
Creative Director: Olivier Apers
Artistic director : David Derouet
Copywriter : Adrian Skenderovic 
Account Director: Marielle Durandet, Simon Treille, Quentin Derviso, Salome Lhote 
Assistant Artistic Director: Alice Resseguier
Trafic: Stéphanie Renoir-Mousli

Directors: Emmanuelle & Julien

Production: Eddy
Executive Producer: Jean-François Bourrel
Animation: Brunch Studio
Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
Producer: Mélanie Parisi
3D-VFX Supervisor: Jean-Charles Kerninon
Character Designer: Manddy Wickens
Music: GUM

Exxon Pegasus



Client : Exxon Mobil
Agence : AMV London
Production : Jelly London
Réalisateur : Kristenn
Post-production : Gobo Animation

Triumph - One for Every You

Tobias Fueter

Tobias Fueter, après plusieurs réalisations pour Triumph, signe une nouvelle et très divertissante scène 3D inspirée des Indestructibles.



Cg Production Company: Eddy
Cg Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Cg Animation Studio: Brunch
Studio Manager: Benjamin Darras
Head of Production: Fabien Cellier
Production Manager: Mélanie Parisi
Technical supervision: Jean Charles Kerninon et Yannick Castaing
Technical Director: Rémi Julien
Modeling - Surfacing Artists: David Arnould, Yannick Castaing, Quentin Dufour, Clémentine Frère, Ugo Froment, Clément Lauricella, Johan Mai, Audrey Respaud, Valentin Samuel, Anaelle Vermot
Rigging: Maxime Granger, Lucile Vampouille, Jonathan Salvi
Layout Artist: Quentin Darras
Supervising animator: Rémi Parisse
Character animators: Axel Digoix, Larson Liberlin, Michael Phy, Vincent Le Ster
Hair Cloth Simulation: Maxime Granger, Rémi Julien
Effect artists: Vincent Ewald, Laurent Fradet
Lighting & Compositing Artists: Vincent Hochet, Mathieu Maurel, Jean Charles Kerninon, Yannick Castaing
Background and Props Artist: Jean-Michel Boesch, Sylvain Jezequel
Story Artist: Antoine Rota
Pipeline TD: Camélia Slimani
IT: Gwenael Lorisson
Production Accountant: Moussa Traore

Dolby - Prime

Gabe Askew - Hornet

This is actually the fourth and final part in a series of films commissioned by Dolby Labs for their amazing gallery space in San Francisco. Gabe Askew has long collaborated with the musician duo Hays + Ryan Holladay who were responsible for putting the series together. They leveraged the new Dolby Atmos technology to create a beautiful and embracing soundscape while Gabe tried to wrap his head around the massive 9920x720 resolution display. The theme of the series was memory. Drawing from the writings of Ray Kurzweil, Gabe created a visual metaphor for the physical act of how the brain receives a stimulus, breaks it down into elements, stores it via pattern receptors in the cerebral cortex, and then recalls it. The specific memory represented in the film is the birth of his daughter, Lily.


Director: Gabe Askew
Production Co: Hornet
Client: Dolby Labs
Music: Hays + Ryan Holladay

San Pellegrino


Along with Ogilvy New York & Hornet Inc, Parallel directed and designed the San Pellegrino's latest spot.


Client: San Pellegrino
Agency: Ogilvy
Directors: Parallel
Characters & Set Design: Quentin Baillieux
Production Company: Hornet, Eddy & Brunch Studio

Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producer: Cathy Kwan, Desiree Stavracos

Executive Producer: Nicolas De Rosanbo
Brunch Studio
Producers: Angélique Corli, Marion Bayard
Cg Supervisor: Jean-Charles Kerninon

Lily & The Snowman

Dan & Jason - Hornet

Dan & Jason directed this lovable spot for Cineplex. Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a show for a little girl. But over time, life pulls them apart. Will she remember to take the time for what she loved?


Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Client: Cineplex
Production Company: Hornet
Directors: Dan & Jason
Co-Director: Hyesung Park
Character Designer: Peter de Seve

A Twerky Christmas

Emmanuelle & Julien

Emmanuelle & Julien wish us a twerky Christmas!


Directors: Emmanuelle & Julien
Character Design: Emmanuelle Leleu
Set Design: Julien Hazebroucq
Storyboard: Noé Lecombre
Facial Expressions: Yoann Hervo
Layout Animatic: Jérôme Calvet
Modellers: Adel BenAbdellah, David Arnould, Julien Hazebroucq, Ugo Froment, Florent Bossoutrot,  Candice Theuillon, Valentin Samuel, Romain Brodelle
Animation:  Clémence Maret
FX: Clémance Maret & Gaëlle Minisini
Rigger: Maxime Granger
CG Supervisor: Remi Julien
CG Consultant: Jean-Charles Kerninon
Animation Consultant: Alexandre Heboyan
Texturing: Quentin Dufour, Valentin Samuel, Julien Hazebroucq
Lighting, Rendering & Compositing: Mathias Cadyck, Vincent Hochet

Director's edit of the global Paysan Breton campaign on a music by Alexandre Desplat.


Production Company: Eddy
Agency: Mullenlowe Paris
Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Production Director: Gilles Pinaudeau
Director of Photography: Alexandra de Saint Blanquat

Creative Director: Patrick Jumeau
Writter: Philippe Lopez 
Agency Producer: Vanessa Jalbert, Catherine Detappe
Post-Production: Brunch studios
Post-Producer: Fabien Cellier

There’s a place

Emmanuelle & Julien

Where do Cuties come from?... Well, there's a place where the joy blooms and Cuties grow with love...


Directors: Emmanuelle and Julien 
Hornet Inc. Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu 
Head of Production: Sang Bae 
Producer: Marty Geren 
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola 
Editor: Stephanie Andreou
Storyboard Artist: Caroline Lefevre 
Character Designers: Emmanuelle Leleu, Margaux Zinsner 
Background Designers: Patrick O'Keefe, Benjamin Flouw 
Lead CG: Gabe Askew 
Lead Compositor: Julien Hazebroucq 
Modeler: Julien Hazebroucq, Javier Leon, Gabe Askew, Sylvia Apostol 
Texturer: Julien Hazebroucq, Javier Leon, Gabe Askew, Sylvia Apostol, Ylli Orana 
CG Layout: Arsen Arzumanyan, Julien Hazebroucq, Gabe Askew 
Rigger: Bogdan Mihajlovik, Michael Altman 
Lighting & Rendering: Gabe Askew, Julien Hazebroucq, Sylvia Apostol 
Cloth TD: Ylli Orana 
Pre-Viz: Arsen Arzumanyan 
Camera: Bill Burg, Matt Parent 
Animation: Bill Burg, Matt Parent 
Matte Painter: Dupp 

Agency: Bailey Lauerman 
Agency Producer: Sally Mars 
Agency Writer: Michael Johnson 
Agency Creative Director: Carter Weitz 
Agency AD: Ethel Fong 
Agency Account Director: Abbey Johnson 
Agency Account Manager: Kelsey Kelly 
Client: Cuties/Pac Sun 
Music: Steve Horner 
Sound Design: Dan Jensen, Sister Boss 
VO Artist: Taj Ruler