Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Managing Director

Nicolas de Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Emilie Walmsley

Head of Eddy Animation - EP

Stella Ramsden


Jonathan Zahut


Céline Vanlint

Cinema Creative Development

Bruno Recorbet

New Business

Margaux Triniac

Office Manager

Maxime Baillet

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About us

Eddy is a production company renowned for developing emerging talents by producing with them shorts, music videos, game cinematics, commercials and longer format products. Since 2015 we have been present internationally on a multitude of markets giving our directors the opportunity to alternate between personal and commercial projects. Advertising agencies, record labels and gaming companies value Eddy’s unique approach and the singularity of our directors vision.

Eddy sister company Brunch Studio is dedicated to the animation of high level CG-2D content. 

Guerre Las

Jean-Baptiste Bertholom

Guerre Las


18 mn


Jean-Baptiste Bertholom

Press Kit

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Gabriel, a Savoyard farmer, is living a daily life full of habits, until the routine starts falling apart giving us a glimpse of the coming downfall.


Pictanovo - Hauts-de-France regional fund
Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional fund
Ville de Paris short film fund


13 mn



Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival
Ravenheart International Film Festival
FICAM, Meknès, Morocco
FIFF Namur, Belgium

Special Distinction of the Jury, Insomnia in Moscow


Mr K works hard in a cramped office. He produces advertising posters for "Pastagel", a big company peddling a miraculous product to keep your hair fabulous all day long.
Desperate to look like his colleagues, Mr K does his best to look clean and sharp but infuriatingly his rebellious hair just doesn’t stay in place...
One night he is visited by a strange apparition, the spitting image of Mr K with a face striped like a tiger. From this moment, his organised existence is sent into disarray.


In coproduction with L'image d'après and XBO Films

CICLIC Production Fund for shorts films
Occitanie Region production fund
Development Fund CNC


20 mn


Marie Larrivé

Press Kit

Download Noir-Soleil Press Kit

Semaine de la Critique - Festival de Cannes
Telluride Film Festival
Guadalajara International Film Festival
Curtas Vila do Conde
Gent Film Fest
Belo Horizonte ISFF, Brasil
Premiers plans, Angers
Monstra, Lisbon
OFF, Odense International Film Festival
Glas Animation
Vienna Shorts
Animfest Athens

Prix Emile Reynaud 2021 - winner
Upssala Short Film Festival Grand Prix
Jury Mention in Cinemed
Prix SACD du Film D'animation Francophone 2022
Jury Special mention - GLAS 2022
Best animation film - Figari international Short Film Fest


After an earthquake in Naples bay, the body of a man is found. The Italian police believe the man killed himself 40 years ago. They contact Dino and his daughter Victoria for a DNA test.
During this unexpected journey together, the young woman digs into her father's mysterious past while Dino immerses himself unwillingly in the scenery of his childhood.


CICLIC Production Fund for Short Films
Bretagne Production Fund
Development Fund CNC - FAIA
Avance avant réalisation CNC
NEF Animation, Abbey of Fontevraud
Awarded at Bruz Animation Festival, pitching session


15 mn


Quentin Baillieux

Press Kit

Download Le Mans 1955 Press Kit

Annecy Festival
Short Shorts, Tokyo, Japan
Shortlisted for the Cesar Award Trophy
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Athens Animfest, Greece > SPECIAL MENTION
Anima, Brussels, Belgium
Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran
Tokyo Anime Award, Japan
Festival National du film d'animation, France > BEST SHORT FILM
Animayo, Gran Canaria > BEST ART DIRECTION AWARD

Bogoshorts, Colombia
Aniamsivo, Mexico City
CutOut Fest, Querétaro, Mexico
St. Louis International Film Festival, USA
Zinebi, Bilbao, Spain
Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal
Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
Off-Courts, Trouville, France


The 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1955. 300,000 spectators are watching from the sidelines. It is 6:00 PM when Pierre Levegh’s car ploughs into the spectator stands, scattering the crowd with his car engine’s hot debris. It is a tragedy that will cost more than 80 lives. And yet, the race goes on. At Mercedes, a friend and co-pilot of Pierre Levegh’s is ready to take the relay. His name is John Fitch.


CNC Contribution Financiere
CNC Nouvelles Technologies
Pre-sales from Canal +
Pays de la Loire
Mairie de Paris

In Festivals

5 mn


Lucas Durkheim

Off-Courts, Trouville, France
Animfest, Romania
KDIAF, Taiwan
Palm Springs animation, USA
Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Canada
Cardiff Animation Festival, Wales

Festival du Cinéma européen de Lille, France
Festival national du film d'animation, Rennes, France
RapidLion, South Africa

Distribution by Luce Grosjean -


For months now a group of five young twenty-something soldiers have been stuck, bored, on a mission in the middle of the Afghan mountains. 
One day during a support mission the routine is finally broken.


Pre-sales from France 3


8 mn


Academy Awards - Oscars Shortlist
Fubiz TV Awards Shortlist
Reggio Film Festival Staff Special Mention - Animation Category

Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy - Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême -
Anirmau Best European Short Film
Besancourt Amination - Experimental Award
Tokyo Anime Award Competition Notable Entry Prize - General Category
Mecal International Short Film Festival Chimay International Award
Cinequest Film Festival - Best Animation Film
Festival du Cinéma Européen - Best Animated Short Film
Cleveland International Film Festival -Best Animated Short Film
Nashville Film Festival - Best Animated Short Film


Manhattan - In the early 1950's, Jack, a passionate art lover visits museums all day long. Consumed by his desire to absorb the inspiration of his favorite artists, he steals their paintings and...eats them ! Finding himself alone in his apartment after having consumed every painting he has stolen he is still famished... so he tries his hand with a brush, paint and canvas... yielding unexpected results ! A joyful tribute to painters and an homage to Jackson Pollok, « Dripped » imagines the nature of the artistic muse in a completely new and unusual way.


Fondation Lagardère
Sales from Canal +


12 mn

Un poing c'est court, Vaulx en Velin
Twister Alley Film Festival, Woodward, Oklahoma
Disturb Awards, Paris - Best Sound Design Award
Golden Orchid International Animation Festival, University Park - Best Special Effects Award
Toronto Animation Arts Festival International
Cartoons on the Bay, Venise
VAFI, Croatia
Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon

Anima, Brussels
Animpact Festival, Seoul
Trickfilm, Stuttgart
Rencontres BD, Bastia
Animfest, Athens
RIFF, Rome
Festival de cinéma d’animation de Pontarlier
Nashville Film Festival
Festival européen du court métrage de Bordeaux
Animix, Tel Aviv
Festival du film merveilleux et imaginaire - Best Music Award
Week-end du court, Cannes
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro et São Paulo
Cartoon Club, Rimini
Animanima, Cacak
Tournez-Court, Saint-Etienne
Croq'anime, Paris
SoundTrack Cologne, Peer Raben Music Award
Festival du film de Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux
Festival international du film d'animation de Krok
Festival international du film fantastique de Catalogne, Sitges
Anim'est, Bucarest
Animasyros, Syros Island
Festival du film d’animation de Bourg-en-Bresse
TOFUZI, Georgia - Best Technique Award
CutOut Fest, Querétaro, Mexico
St. Louis International Film Festival
Etiuda&Anima, Cracovie
International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”, Saint-Petersbourg
Alcine, Madrid Short Film festival
Mumia, Underground world animation festival, Belo Horizonte


A bunch of gangsters are on the run after having stolen a fabulous treasure. As they go deeper into the forest and get lost, they gradually become legendary figures…


CNC - Nouvelles Technologies
Pre-sales from Arte