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About us

Eddy is a production company renowned for developing emerging talents by producing with them shorts, music videos, game cinematics, commercials and longer format products. Since 2015 we have been present internationally on a multitude of markets giving our directors the opportunity to alternate between personal and commercial projects. Advertising agencies, record labels and gaming companies value Eddy’s unique approach and the singularity of our directors vision.

Eddy sister company Brunch Studio is dedicated to the animation of high level CG-2D content. 

Le corset

Louis Clichy

Le corset

In development

80 mn


Louis Clichy


Christophe, an 11-year-old farm boy neglected by his father, mysteriously starts leaning to the side, to the point of falling. He falls everywhere, all the time, and even sends the family tractor to scrap. Far from attracting his father’s attention, he triggers his anger... and harvests a metal corset. An instrument of torture for a child with so much energy, and all this to prevent him from leaning.

Too bad, if he does not lean, it is the world that will lean! Christophe then discovers a superpower of imagination: that of tipping over the horizon, and sending everything waltzing ...


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