Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Managing Director

Nicolas de Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Emilie Walmsley

Executive Producer

Stella Ramsden


Jonathan Zahut


Céline Vanlint

Cinema Creative Development

Bruno Recorbet

New Business

Margaux Triniac

Office Manager & Jobs

Maxime Baillet

Cinema Business Affair

About us

Eddy is a production company renowned for developing emerging talents by producing with them shorts, music videos, game cinematics, commercials and longer format products. Since 2015 we have been present internationally on a multitude of markets giving our directors the opportunity to alternate between personal and commercial projects. Advertising agencies, record labels and gaming companies value Eddy’s unique approach and the singularity of our directors vision.

Eddy sister company Brunch Studio is dedicated to the animation of high level CG-2D content. 

Bentley Bentayga EWB

Quentin Baillieux

The definitive luxury SUV, with unprecedented space for passengers to relax and appreciate new levels of comfort. Introducing the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, a showcase of advanced, wellbeing-enhancing technology



Bentley & Greg Burch


Executive Creative Director: Roy Cohen
Group Creative Head: Kirstie Dallas
Art Director: Andrea Foresi
Art Director : Stephanie Hutton
Copywriter: Dan Bryant
Senior Account Director: Hamish Day


Producer: Alexandra Roussel
Producer: (Animation) Camille Principiano
Line Producer: Sylvain Carrelas

Cinematography: Pablo Clemente
Music & Sound Studio: Mawashi Production
Composer: Brokenstra

Production Coordinator: Maud Folléa
Executive Producer: Alejandro López
1st AD: Lucas Adamson

Camera Drone: Alejandro Maestra
Drone Pilot: Brandon Carrara

Art Director: César Martínez
Stylist: Xènia Gasull
Make Up & Hair: Patricia Abril

Sound Technician: Arthur Cañameras
Boom Operator: Aniol Viciana

Key Grip: David Arrés
Gaffer: David Felices

Precision Driver: Silvia Roca

Casting Director: Sonia Rivas

The Rift

Olivier Lescot

Written and directed by Olivier Lescot


Produced by Eddy

Produced by Stella Ramsden

Co-Produced by Attention’O’Chiens

Olivier Lescot - Co Artistic Direction,

Thomas Ricquier  Compositing

Léo Schweitzer - Animation

Claire Pottier - Animation

Color Sound and Music - Fabrice Smadja (Attention’O’Chiens)

With thanks to - Quentin Baillieux, Nightshift, Brunch Studio, Brice Smith

Edwin - Mecha Sakura

Apollo Thomas

The latest collaboration between EDWIN and Apollo Thomas combines elements of the cyberpunk universe with esoterical and magical patterns, connecting flora and fauna with science, magic, machines, and organic components in search of a deeper meaning.


Director: Apollo Thomas

Illustrations: Apollo Thomas

Edwin: Sam Bloor, Arthur Naulot


Production: Eddy

Producer: Stella Ramsden

Production Manager: Tiffanie Gouzon

Line Producer: Emilie Revert


Storyboard: Apollo Thomas

Animation: Edgar Merland

Coloring: Edgar Merland, Claire Pottier

Compositing: Floriane Nguyen

Conform: Emilie Chouabe


Music: Sapphire Slows - Confession


Produced by Jonathan Zahut

Line Producer : Mélanie Parisi and Emilie Revert

Production Coordinator : Tiffanie Gouzon

Storyboard : Florian Perron

Character & Background Design : Florian Perron

Animation Artists : Camille Burles, Edgar Merland, Luana Nguyen and Florian Perron

Compositing : Emilie Chouabe and Margot Kaluszyner

Conform : Emilie Chouabe

Pipeline & Developer : Alexis Prayez

Developer : Radouane Lahmidi

IT System Engineer : Arnaud Kandin

IT support : Ramy Zaouai

Accountant : Moussa Traoré

Valorant - Snakebite


Valorant – Snakebite, A Viper’s Tale

Trailer produced for « Valorant » game by Riot.



Directed by Jo Celse
Animation by Bobby
Produced by Eddy
Producer: Stella Ramsden
Production manager: Thomas Duguay
Production Assistant: Fanny Thébault

Storyboard: Jo Celse
Character Design: Rossi Gifford
Layout: Julien Daubas
Lead Animation: Suzon Héron
Animation: Alice Blaskevic, Vaibhav Keswani, Camille Burles, Célia Campos
FX Animation: Juanma Laguna
Backgrounds: Rudyard Heaton, Arnaud Hay
Compositing: Marine Saillard
Post-Production by Everest

Brand Manager: Sabrina Wong
Producer: Matt Tong
Creative Lead: Rel Hunt


Eddy :
Executive Producer : Jonathan Zahut 

Werlen Meyer :
Director : Werlen Meyer
Animation : Clément Desnos
Background artist : Antoinette Stoll
Background artist : Kevin Mei
Compositing artist : Elliott Kadjan
Line Producer  : Gwenn Germain & Marc Froget