Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Executive Producer

Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Emilie Walmsley

Executive Producer

Céline Vanlint

Cinema Creative Development

Manon Letorey

Office Manager & Jobs

About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.


Emmanuelle & Julien


Directors: Emmanuelle & Julien

League of Legends "Project: Reckoning"



Executive producer:
Emilie Walmsley

Line producer : 
Fabien Cellier 

Supervisor : 
Jean-Charles Kerninon 
Clément Lauricella

Character artist : 
Clément Lauricella
David Letondor

Rigg artist : 
Maxime Granger

Props & environment artist : 
Clément Lauricella
Antoine Merveille
Rémi Julien

Previz artist : 
Matthias Martinez
Samy Fecih
Mikael Lynen

Animation artist :
Chloé Lang Wilar
Benoit Bargeton
Alaric Mahu

2D FX artist :
Alexandra Latour
Pierre-Méziane Sersour
Martin Richard

3D FX & CFX artist :
Jérémie Reveniaud
Maxime Granger

Matte painting artist : 
Jérémy Flandrin

Lighting & compositing artist : 
Jean-Charles Kerninon
Franklin Toussaint
Vincent Hochet
Vincent Ewald

Talk Talk

Maël François

A heart-warming polar bear seeks warmth from glowing television screens in this spot for Talk Talk TV directed by Kristenn.

Find The One... Again

Tobias Fueter


Client: Triumph
Client Reps: Suzanne McKenna, Hans Rafael Meier
Agency: Stories AG
Directed by Tobias Fueter
DP: Pascal Walder
Production companies : Stories AG
Executive Producer Stories: Yves Bollag
Producer Stories: Pica Cubello
Cg Production Company: Eddy
Cg Executive Producer: Nicolas De Rosanbo
Cg Animation Studio: Brunch
Producer: Pierrot Jacquet
Production Coordinator: Vincent Leroy

Cg Supervisor / Lighting-Compositing Supervisor: Jean-Charles Kerninon
Previz, Layout And Set-Dressing Superviso: Jérôme Calvet
Animation Supervisor: Barthélémy Boirot
Cloth Supervisor: Maxime Granger
Rigging Supervisor – Autorig Creation: Maxime Cozic
Character Modeling Supervisor: David Arnould
Pipeline R&D Supervisor: Alexis Prayez
Character Modeling: David Arnould, Ugo Froment, Fabien Dufour
Character Surfacing: Fabien Dufour, Ugo Froment, Clément Lauricella
Set Modeling / Surfacing: Audrey Respaud, Rémi Julien
Props Modeling / Surfacing: Anaële Vermot, Audrey Respaud, Valentin Samuel, Ugo Froment
Matt Painting: Omar Camara
Rigging: Maxime Cozic, Maxime Granger, Lucile Vampouille

Previz: Jérôme Calvet, Audrey Lainé, William Hoareau
Layout & Set Dressing: Jérôme Calvet, Rémi Julien
Animation: Barthélémy Boirot, Guillaume Lurati, Axel Digoix, Audrey Lainé, William Hoareau
Cloth Simulation: Maxime Granger, Maxime Cozic, Rémi Julien, Lucile Vampouille
Lighting / Rendering / Compositing: Jean-Charles Kerninon, Rémi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Lucile Vampouille, Vincent Hochet, Landry De Oliveira
Fx Particles Artist: Vincent Ewald
Motion Design: Almir Nago, Luc Journot, Damien Martin
Studio Manager: Franck Duchene
IT: Gwenael Lorisson
Production Accountant: Moussa Traore

Ma'agalim - Jane Bordeaux

Uri Lotan

Official music video for Jane Bordeaux’s ‘Ma’agalim’.
In a forgotten old penny arcade a wooden doll is stuck in place and time.


Music – Jane Bordeaux Band
Producers: Uri Lotan & Yoav Shtibelman
Director: Uri Lotan
Co-Director: Yoav Shtibelman
Art Director: Ovadia Benishu
Additional Art: Avner Geller
Lighting and Shading: Yosef Refaeli
Additional Lighting: Uri Lotan, Rob Showalter
Storyboard: Yoav Shtibelman
Modeling and Rigging: Uri Lotan, Ore Peleg, Or Ofri
Texturing:Yosef Refaeli, Dor Ben-Dayan
Animation: Yoav Shtibelman, Toby Pedersen, Ron Polischuk
Effects: Phenomena Labs
Compositing: Uri Lotan, Ilia Marcus
Coloring: Ilia Marcus

Richard Mille

Maël François

Kristenn and his team created a 100% CG model to advertise Richard Mille's brand new watch at the 2015 SIHH in Switzerland in this film.


Director: Kristenn
Client: Richard Mille
Production: Blackmeal

The Forest - Cut Down

Emmanuelle & Julien

This year we are transported to the Tufties homeland as it is threatened by a pair of gruff woodsmen and their novice companion!


Directors: Emmanuelle & Julien
Production Company: Hornet
Client: :Fairview Mall

There’s a place

Emmanuelle & Julien

Where do Cuties come from?... Well, there's a place where the joy blooms and Cuties grow with love...


Directors: Emmanuelle and Julien 
Hornet Inc. Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu 
Head of Production: Sang Bae 
Producer: Marty Geren 
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola 
Editor: Stephanie Andreou
Storyboard Artist: Caroline Lefevre 
Character Designers: Emmanuelle Leleu, Margaux Zinsner 
Background Designers: Patrick O'Keefe, Benjamin Flouw 
Lead CG: Gabe Askew 
Lead Compositor: Julien Hazebroucq 
Modeler: Julien Hazebroucq, Javier Leon, Gabe Askew, Sylvia Apostol 
Texturer: Julien Hazebroucq, Javier Leon, Gabe Askew, Sylvia Apostol, Ylli Orana 
CG Layout: Arsen Arzumanyan, Julien Hazebroucq, Gabe Askew 
Rigger: Bogdan Mihajlovik, Michael Altman 
Lighting & Rendering: Gabe Askew, Julien Hazebroucq, Sylvia Apostol 
Cloth TD: Ylli Orana 
Pre-Viz: Arsen Arzumanyan 
Camera: Bill Burg, Matt Parent 
Animation: Bill Burg, Matt Parent 
Matte Painter: Dupp 

Agency: Bailey Lauerman 
Agency Producer: Sally Mars 
Agency Writer: Michael Johnson 
Agency Creative Director: Carter Weitz 
Agency AD: Ethel Fong 
Agency Account Director: Abbey Johnson 
Agency Account Manager: Kelsey Kelly 
Client: Cuties/Pac Sun 
Music: Steve Horner 
Sound Design: Dan Jensen, Sister Boss 
VO Artist: Taj Ruler

a Dog's life

Maël François

A Dog’s Life, a heartwarming short film made by director Kristenn over those summer months.
GOBO brought this loyal friend In vivid and realistic 3D as he humorously follows his master's exercise routine.


Production, 3D and Animation: GOBO
Directed by: Kristenn
Post / Grading: Gabriel Porier - Nightshift
Music: Louis Amstrong "Mi va di cantare" (Sanremo 1968)
Artists: Patrice Vila, Mael François, Marguerite Imperatori, Jean-Baptiste Hardion, Tanya Lyon
Sound mix: Fabien Carouge
Special thanks to: Jean-François Bourrel, Nicolas de Rosanbo, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Pierre-Alban Kientz and all the team @ Eddy

Kristenn directed an animated teaser showcasing Aldebaran Robotics' flagship product : NAO.


Production Company: Blackmeal
Directors: Kristenn & Fred Medhi