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Kevin + Maxime

Kali Mata - Kevin Roualland

Kevin + Maxime

Bengal, 19th century. At the edges of the Kali temple, the British India's army led by the implacable W.H.Sleeman is about to wash against the last representants of the ancient stranglers assassin's brotherhood, the Thugs.

Kali Mata is a graduation short film made at Georges Méliès school by Pierre Le Couviour, Kévin Roualland, Amine El Ouarti and Privat Fontaine.


Pierre Le Couviour : Writing, Story Board, Animation
Kévin Roualland : Art direction, Character Design, Animation
Amine El Ouarti : Color direction, Color background, Compositing
Privat Fontaine : background design, 2D Layout , Compositing

Music: Clément Peres
Mixing: Olivier Michelot

Save As - Maxime Dupuy

Kevin + Maxime

A computer program delete memory

A short film exploring life changes, memory and souvenir with an alegori between human memory and computer memory.


Graduation film made in 8 month at Ecole Georges Méliès

codirected by

Arthur Bbourdot 
Maxime Dupuy 
Luc Giraud 
Mathieu Paggi

original music by

Maxime Dupuy
Arthur Bourdot


Olivier Michelot

Wild Horses - Teaser

Kevin + Maxime


Written and Directed by Kévin Roualland / Maxime Dupuy
Original music by Canblaster
Produced by Eddy
Co-Produced by Brunch Studio and Savoir Faire

Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Producer: Stella Ramsden
Production Manager: Chamseddine Kaddouri

Art Direction: Maxime Dupuy
Character design: Kévin Roualland
Layout: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy
Lead Animation: Kévin Roualland

Animation: Simon Duong van Huyen, Pierre Rutz, Yannis Boultadakis, Duncan Gist, Stephen Vuillemin, Olivier Lescot, Mathieu Corbin, Kévin Roualland, Diane Tran Duc
Additional Animation: Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis
Animation Assist: Valentin Machu, Liam Engels, Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis, Jennifer Zheng, Mathieu Corbin

Backgrounds: Maxime Dupuy
Lead Compositing: Thomas Ricquier
Compositing: Thomas Ricquier, Victoria Jardine, Maxime Dupuy
Storyboard: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy

Editing: Maxime Dupuy
Typography: Virgile Flores

With the support of the CNC: Aide avant réalisation pour une vidéomusique
With the support of the FCM: Fond pour la création musicale