Rémi Parisse

Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Managing Director


Nicolas de Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer


Emilie Walmsley

Executive Producer


Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer


Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer


Stella Ramsden



Jonathan Zahut



Céline Vanlint

Cinema Creative Development


Bruno Recorbet

New Business


Margaux Triniac

Office Manager & Jobs


Maxime Baillet

Cinema Business Affair


About us

Rémi Parisse

Free Fire - Heroes Arise

Rémi Parisse

Free Fire World Series is where history is written and legends are forged - Heroes Arise.


Rémi Parisse - Directors
Maxime Dupuy - Artistic Director
Jean François Bourrel - Executive Producer
Emilie Walmsley - Executive Producer
Jonathan Zahut - Producer

Brunch Studio
Fabien Cellier - Head of Production
Mélanie Parisi - Preproduction Line Producer
Bleuenn Mallat - Line Producer
Léna Séquert - Production Coordinator
Tiffanie Gouzon - Production Assistant
Mathieu Maurel - CG Supervisor
Basile Godard - Colorscript Artist
Leïla Courtillon - Character Designer
Alexandra Petit - Character Designer
Simon Dumonceau - Set Designer
Nelson Domingues - Set Designer
Ghislain Pariset - Props Designer
Mathieu Moreau - Storyboard Artist
Iman Kaguirova - Assistant storyboard Artist
Rodrigo Sousa - 2D animatic Artist
Nazim Meslem - Editor

Hugo Hartmann Perrenot - Assistant editor
Emilie Chouabe - Assistant Editor
Antoine Begault - Character Modeler / Texturer
Vincent Chambin - Character Modeler / Texturer
Antoine Maury- Character Modeler / Texturer
David Vardanian - Character Modeler / Texturer
Charline Arnoux - Props Modeler / Texturer
Sébastien Bègue - Props Modeler / Texturer
Jean-Géraud Blanc - Sets & Props Modeler / Texturer
Caroline Collinot - Sets & Props Texturer

Elite Squad

Rémi Parisse

Eddy, Brunch and Ubisoft team up to launch the first cinematic of the Tom Clancy's franchise game 'Elite Squad'. Be prepared for mayhem! 
Our director Remi Parisse leads us through a fiery action-like movie sequence. Remi helds us in suspense while the story unfolds introducing the heroes and villains of the beloved Tom Clancy's ubisoft franchise.

With its impeccable direction, its stunning animation and never-ending details, you want to watch it over and over again.