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About us


The Snowgran


Film starring a disconnected ‘Snowgran’ who on her walk home is noticed by O2’s loveable robot, Bubl, and a young girl named Billie. 

Observing her seclusion, they give Snowgran an O2 Christmas SIM Card which helps her to reconnect with her family and friends for the festive season.


Director : Joseph Mann

The Olympic Winter Games - Trailer


balázs simon directed this stunning film for bbc sport’s winter olympics 2022 coverage, using a clever combination of 3d printed ice sculptures and stop motion. harnessing the inherent qualities of algorithmic cgi, practical effects and handcrafted stop frame animation, balázs showcases how olympians push themselves to the extreme in search for gold

The Federal Ministry for Climate Protection Austria


Love, Death + Robots by Elliot Dear


Netflix - love, death + robots "all through the house" directed by Elliot Dear at Blinkink

“All Through the House” is a titillating episode for the second series of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed animated anthology ‘Love, Death + Robots’. His astonishing attention to detail paired with a remarkable ability to push the boundaries of storytelling are a joy to behold.

Check out the full episode on Netflix

The Weeknd ft. Ariana Grande by Jack Brown


the weeknd "save your tears remix ft. ariana grande" directed by Jack Brown at Blinkink

jack brown takes us on a wild 2d adventure for the weeknd & ariana grande, ‘save you tears’ remix. we’re taken on a journey through the manufacturing line of the weeknd’s own underground lair as he creates his perfect companion.

Iron Maiden by Nicos Livesey


iron maiden "the writing on the wall" directed by Nicos Livesey at Blinkink

Nicos Livesey welcomes you to Belshazzar’s Feast through an epic six-minute 2D & 3D animated music video for Iron Maiden’s single The Writing on the Wall. 

We are taken on a journey through a dystopian world ravaged by pollution and drought, ruled by an elite class as they gear up for an exclusive party. Featuring the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse, a vampire king feasting off the souls of the young, and the latest iteration of Iron Maiden’s irrepressible mascot Eddie.

Ghost Recon by Stevie & Essy


Directed by Stevie & Essy at Blinkink

Drake by Dave Meyers x Stevie Gee & Essy May


Drake "way 2 sexy ft. future & young thug" directed by Dave Meyers x Stevie Gee & Essy May at Blinkink.

The legendary director that is dave meyers got stevie & essy involved in arguably the music video of the year. drake’s way2sexy features future & young thug - the heavy hitters of the hiphop world. it’s the first time drake has been animated and we’re so proud that it’s in stevie & essy’s style. the video was produced by our friends at freenjoy.

BBC World Cup by Nicos Livesey

Nicos Livesey, Blinkink

bbc world cup "the tapestry" directed by Nicos Livesey at Blinkink

Made in collaboration with BBC Creative, ‘The Tapestry’ is the launch film for the BBC’s 2018 FIFA World cup marketing campaign. Working with The London Embroidery Studio, the team have modernised a traditional tapestry technique by creating a dynamic film in which every single frame has been individually embroidered, creating over 600 unique tapestries. 

Blending embroidery expertise and digitising skills, the film vibrantly showcases a wealth of colour palettes and gradients, alternating thread textures and unique stitch patterns. This intricately animated work looks to the past and future, journeying through World Cup history, and previewing the most exciting talent coming up at this year’s finals.

‘History Will Be Made’...

Dua Lipa by James Papper


Dua Lipa "Club Future Nostalgia Mixtape" directed by James Papper at Blinkink

blink & blinkink joined forces to create this 50 minute mixed media visualiser for dua lipa’s 2020 remix album of future nostalgia. 

blinkink’s james papper directed thirteen different artists and animators from all around the world working on each bespoke visualiser.  each artist worked under lockdown conditions from their home cities: madrid, seoul, sydney, berlin, la, vancouver, new york, kentucky, gent and london to name a few. having each track designed by a different artist, mirrored the structure of the mixtape itself; with each track being taken on by a different musician. 

blink’s will hooper directed all of the live action elements, including the video for levitating featuring madonna & missy elliot, remixed by the blessed madonna. the live action video features dua lipa with her boyfriend anwar hadid. 

created during the depths of lockdown the theme of collaboration can be seen and heard; it’s the backbone of the 50 minute future nostalgia mixtape, featuring dua’s collaborations with the likes of mark ronson, madonna, gwen stefani and stevie nicks. 

Lidl by Joseph Mann


Lidl "A christmas you can believe in" directed by Joseph Mann at blinkink

in a year of ups and downs, it is fitting that a christmas campaign brings a smile to those at home. joseph’s keen eye for comedy is at play with a story that seems to follow the usual fare of delicate framing and thoughtful pacing but with a swift turn, a traditional ad turns into a tongue-and-cheek romp. the delicious food was seamlessly shot and integrated into the cg world, created piece by piece through brunch studio in paris.