Quentin Baillieux and Raphaelle Tinland

  • Charles X - Can You Do It? by Quentin Baillieux

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    The charismatic LA-born musician Charles X teamed up with our very own in-house director, Quentin Baillieux (one half of the Parallelduo) for his eagerly anticipated new single entitled Can You Do It, this intricately crafted mixed 3D/2D animation music video produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio.

    This collaboration is intended to act as a social commentary which aims to cast light on perceived societal expectations and social norms by integrating elements and people from different walks of life to produce a striking animation.

    Quentin beautifully merges the typically highbrow sport of horse racing with the commonly misrepresented “mean streets” of Pacoima, the proud birthplace of Charles X, to challenge any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern day society.

    Quentin successfully communicates Charles’ intended message via the lens of an artificial world; through his own very unique and distinct style of animation.

    Lyrics: Charles X 

    Music: Redrum


    Director: Quentin Baillieux

    Production : Eddy

    Co-producers : Les Androids Associés (previz)

    Executive Producer : Corry Van Rhijn

    Producer : Julie Bellemare

    Animation studio : Brunch

    Post Production : Nightshift


    Storyboard : Noé Lecombre

    Character design : Wandrille Maunoury

    Typography : Pierre-Alban Kientz

    Modeling : David Arnould, Clement Lauricella, Valentin Samuel, Théo Dusapin

    Set up : Adrien Gentil, Maxime Cozick


    Animation 2D : Michael Bataille, Tristan Poulain, Amélie Maurice

    Motion Design : Almir Nago

    Animation 3D : Axel Digois,  Aline Hananel, Johann Le Pouder,

    Rendering : Candice Theuillon, Remi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Jean-Charles Kerninon


    Previs Artists : Les Androids Associés - Volcy Gallois-Montbrun, Tristan Laville, Guillaume Robert, Henri Zaitoun


    Editor : Benjamin Massoubre

    Color grading : Gabriel Porier

    Color grading consultant : Luis Arteaga


    Stagiaires développement : Arthur Chaumay, Leïla Courtillon


    Thanks to : Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-François Bourrel, Mathieu Hue, Julien Desplanques, Nolwenn Hajo, Franck Duchene, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Celine Vanlint, Moses Yohannes, Raphaelle Tinland, Olivier Rigout, Laura Rouvellat, Nicolas Guibert.

  • San Pellegrino

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    Along with Ogilvy New York & Hornet Inc, Parallel directed and designed the San Pellegrino's latest spot.

    Client: San Pellegrino

    Agency: Ogilvy

    Directors: Parallel

    Characters & Set Design: Quentin Baillieux

    Production Company: Hornet, Eddy & Brunch Studio



    Executive Producer: Michael Feder

    Producer: Cathy Kwan, Desiree Stavracos



    Executive Producer: Nicolas De Rosanbo


    Brunch Studio

    Producers: Angélique Corli, Marion Bayard

    Producer Assistant: Romain Bezzina

    Cg Supervisor: Jean-Charles Kerninon

    2d Animatic & Previz: Jérôme Calvet

    Modeling & Surfacing: Clément Lauricella, Ugo Froment, Fabien Dufour

    Setup: Maxime Granger, Marianne Cruchant

    Animation: Marianne Cruchant, Audrey Laine, Leila Courtillon

    Matte Painting 2d: Omar Camara

    Lighting / Rendering / Compositing: Jean-Charles Kerninon

    Brunch General Manager: Mathieu Hue

    Brunch Studio Managers: Pierrot Jacquet, Davy Koskas

    Pipeline R&D Supervisor: Alexis Prayez

    It: Gwenael Lorisson

    Production Accountant: Moussa Traore

  • Anonimo

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    Anonimo is transalpine watch brand: a Swiss movement for an Italian production, the brand is spread through both universes.

    See their website bellow with many pieces of information about their work:

    The characteristic of these watches is that they are digged into bronze, they are not made thanks to a mould. So each one of the creations is one robust and magestic item.

    In this film, Parallel wanted to stay in the Florentine universe that belongs to the brand and they chose to underline the artistic and inspired aspect of these uniques watches.

    Directed by Parallel

  • BPCO - La Plage

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    Parallel directs a prevention film against the BPCO, a group of breath diseases which represents the 5th cause of death in the world today.

    The character designs are signed by Mai Nguyen, and the sets were made by Joel Corcia.

    A 2D film made of traditional animation, focused on subtlety and emotion.

    Directors: Parallel

    Production: Blue / ChezEddy

    Character Design: Mai Nguyen

    Set design: Joel Corcia

  • Mediapart

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    Mediapart, very independant newspaper as it works without advertising, without subventions, sponsor or interested industries, is launching today its very first communication campaign, to remind its unique position in the french journalistic landscape.

    The agency TBWA Corporate and the brand trusted the directors Parallel, who offer us an almost full CG film. Production: Else / Chez Eddy.

    During 3 weeks, the campaign will be aired on Internet, on the news TV channels (iTélé, BFM et LCI) and some radios (Nova, TSF Jazz, Beur FM, BFM Business).

    The message is simple and clear: to the question « Who owns your newspaper?» The finale answer sums the message up  : « Mediapart, only our readers can buy us. »

    Directors: Parallel

    Production: Else / ChezEddy

    Agency: TBWA

  • Nespresso - Mobile

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    The prestigious digital agency SoleilNoir requested for Parallel's talent to illustrate the new Nespresso's mobile application. Now you can order your coffee from all around the world just by clicking on your phone! Quentin Baillieux, from Parallel, shows us a polished up and "premium" universe with this singular art diection.

    Each set element has been worked with an extreme precision and the characters are both uncluttered and elegant.

    Directors: Parallel
    Agency: Soleil Noir
    Artistic direction: Quentin Baillieux
    Animation: Florent Remize
    Compositing: Philippe Valette, Laurent Ulvoas
  • Plan de Table - Opening Title

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    Raphaëlle Tinland and Quentin Baillieux, aka Parallel, sign the opening sequence to French feature film “Plan de table” directed by Christelle Raynal, produced by La Petite Reine, opening today in theaters.

    From the beginning, Christelle Raynal wants to work with paper and a carousel book, and consults Parallel, who like elegant and ethereal ambiances, as well as delicate designs: they propose references and graphic treatment suggestions. Christelle Raynal is smitten by their universe (see first graphic researches below).

    The film is made in 3D animation, as a carousel book, with a realistic cut out paper-like rendering. It is the visitors’ book of the wedding, lying on a table in the reception room. Each page turned opens a set and objects in 3D. Parallel displays three tableaux as wedding symbols, in a trendy and chic style: the dressmaking, the pyramid-shaped cake and the wedding rings.

    Apart from the contractual constraints regarding the order display order of the names on screen, Parallel works in great freedom on the opening sequence.

    A great stake for them, who see their first title sequence on the silver screen!

    Opening Title Director: Parallel
    Design animation studio: ChezEddy

  • Pernod Ricard

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    Pernod Ricard / Elephant at Work asked PARALLEL our new directors to work on the title sequence of the cultural TV show

  • Tribute to Stanley Kubrik

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    Directed by Parallel.

    Sound by Alexandre Poirier.

  • Lavomatic

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    Timothé, a young boy, looking for his dad...

    Written and directed by Raphaëlle Tinland and QuentinBaillieux.
    Music and Sound design by Nicolas "Hyper8" Dubois.
    Produced by Wizz Design.

Styleframes from Parallel