Lloyd Lee Choi

Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Executive Producer


Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer


Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer


Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer


Céline Vanlint

Creative Development
Film Production Coordinator


Emilie Walmsley

Animation Executive Producer


About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.

Wanderlust - Lipton

Lloyd Lee Choi

Sometimes it’s wiser to take the road less travelled. Discover how you see things differently when you choose to #BeMoreTea. 


Director: Lloyd Lee Choi
Producer: Kyle Hollett
Written By Lloyd Lee Choi & Becca Strom
Director of Photography: Devin Karringten
Editing: Lloyd Lee Choi & Kyle Hollett
Post Sound Editor: Matt Drake
Colorist: David Tomiak

Line Producer: Jordan Barber
Associate Producer: Rena Kawabata
Production Designer: Caitlin Byrnes
1st AD: Dave Roncin
Location Sound: Tim Kubbinga
Gaffer: Kyle Pigeau
Key Grip: Michael Krizaj
1st AC: Shane Mcleod
2nd AC: Liam Mullany
Makeup: Siobhan Uy
PA: Hind Bough

Jamie: Casey Dubois
Graham: Jim Byrnes
Nichole: Nichole Powell

L'Occitane - Portrait

Lloyd Lee Choi

Lloyd Lee Choi whisks us away to the far reaches of Provence for l'Occitane's introduction to their new ambassador, Mimi Thorisson.


Agency: Tribal
Client: L'Occitane
Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Artistic Director: Ondine Simon
TV Producer: Quentin Moenne Loccoz
AD Assistant: Lea Laurenza et Hortense Viry
Director: Lloyd Lee Choi
DOP: Devin Karringten
1st Assistant Director: David Hourregue
Artistic Producer: Kyle Hollett
Production Company: Eddy
Executive Producer: Jean-François Bourrel
Line Producer: Aymeric Mosser
Line Production Assistant: Maud Follea
Production Assistant: Céline Da Cunha-Vanlint

Until Dawn - Road Not Taken

Lloyd Lee Choi

Official trailer for the horror / survival videogame "Until Dawn - Road Not Taken."


Poem by Robert Frost - "The Road Not Taken"

Woman: Debs Howard
Villain: Carson Bradshaw

Director/Writer: Lloyd Lee Choi
Executive Producer: Jordan Barber
Cinematographer: Devin Karringten
Production Designer: Caitlin Byrnes
Art Director: Rebecca Wass
Casting: Rena Kawabata
Production Coordinator: Madeleine Davis
Gaffer: Kyle Pigeau
Editor: Lloyd Lee Choi
Sound Design: Kirby Meador
Voice-Over: Steve Bailey
Colourist: David Tomiak
Hair/MU: Siobhan Uy
1st AC: Nick Malcolm
2nd AC: Evan West
Key Grip: Ritchie Lyon
Best Boy: Teo Jara
Swing: Travis Briggs
Swing: Marc Beaudet
Balloon Tech: Shayne Zwickel
Craft Services: Emily O'Brien
BTS Photographer: Lu Zhang

Coke Cannes - advice

Lloyd Lee Choi


Directed by Lloyd Lee Choi
Produced by Pulse Films