Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Managing Director

Nicolas de Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Emilie Walmsley

Head of Eddy Animation - EP

Alexandra Roussel

Head of Eddy Film - EP

Stella Ramsden


Jonathan Zahut


Céline Vanlint

Cinema Creative Development

Bruno Recorbet

Head of New Business

Margaux Triniac

Office Manager

Maxime Baillet

Managing Director

Hadrien Penavaire



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Aubin Talbi


About us

Mon tigre


Mr K works hard in a cramped office. He produces advertising posters for "Pastagel", a big company peddling a miraculous product to keep your hair fabulous all day long.
Desperate to look like his colleagues, Mr K does his best to look clean and sharp but infuriatingly his rebellious hair just doesn’t stay in place...
One night he is visited by a strange apparition, the spitting image of Mr K with a face striped like a tiger. From this moment, his organised existence is sent into disarray.