Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Executive Producer

Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer

Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer

Céline Vanlint

Creative Development
Film Production Coordinator

Lars Wagner

Animation EP

Emilie Walmsley

Animation EP

About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.

Recorder - And Then The Birds

Maxime Bruneel

In order to support independants and lesser known musicians such as Recorder Mountain, Maxime Bruneel goes against current trends by creating emotion in an original cinematic experience.

The emotion of the song And Then The Birds is incarnated by a specific casting: Ninon Bretecher stage actress and Antoine Dezelli, moving and sinceres. The film shows an overview of the tricks that can be used by a woman to trap a man.

It evokes the fears and projection of the couple at the turning point of their relationship.

The film stairs something in the viewers heart, difficult to sumerise in a synopsis because of its total subjectivity.

Maxime Bruneel successfully captivates our attention on the couple who are wilde and silent.
It's a lot for a first experience of directing actors and it's promising to see him so at ease in a medium so different from the one he is used to (animation and design) : the mix of all disciplines could have an explosive effect in the future, especially when we know that he is is only 27.


Director: Maxime Bruneel

DOP: Luis Arteaga
Starring: Ninon Bretecher & Antoine Dezelli

Production: Eddy / G6-Team / Recorder / Maxime Bruneel

Editing: Manuel Coutant (Thanks Chez Louis )
Gradient: Manuel Coutant ( Thanks Chez Louis )
Production manager: Anne-Lise Mallard 
Director assistant: Anne-Lise Mallard 
Producers: Nicolas de Rosanbo & Jean françois Bourrel
Sound design: Fabien Carouge
Costume design: Serena Gili
Set design: Hugo Helène & Becky Mc Donald
DOP assistant: Celine Croze & Guillaume Pitel
Flame artist: Anthony Lestremau 
Restaurant Ile de ré: La Maison Thanks to Jules & Fab ! 
Food & House: Thanks to Sophie Bruneel !
Thanks to Celine - Pauline et Simon from Chez Louis and Transpacam

Music by Recorder
Recorded by Pierre Davant @ Studio Le Hameau
Mixed by Mathieu Gibert @ Studio OneTwoPassIt
Mastered by Blanka