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Quentin Baillieux

Mediapart, very independant newspaper as it works without advertising, without subventions, sponsor or interested industries, is launching today its very first communication campaign, to remind its unique position in the french journalistic landscape.

The agency TBWA Corporate and the brand trusted the directors Parallel, who offer us an almost full CG film. Production: Else / Chez Eddy.

During 3 weeks, the campaign will be aired on Internet, on the news TV channels (iTélé, BFM et LCI) and some radios (Nova, TSF Jazz, Beur FM, BFM Business).

The message is simple and clear: to the question « Who owns your newspaper?» The finale answer sums the message up  : « Mediapart, only our readers can buy us. »


Directors: Parallel
Production: Else / Eddy
Agency: TBWA