Jean-François Bourrel

Founder & Executive Producer

Nicolas De Rosanbo

Founder & Executive Producer

Corry Van Rhijn

Executive Producer

Alexandra Roussel

Executive Producer

Céline Vanlint

Creative Development
Film Production Coordinator

Charles-Philippe Bowles

Animation Production Coordinator

About us

Eddy is a production company founded by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo. Built upon the former "Chez Eddy" studio and its 13 years experience in design and production, the house develops projects of emerging artists spotted for their strong and unique visual identities. We guide our roster of talents in the writing process of short films and music videos, giving them opportunities to bring their distinctive touch to advertising campaigns. We believe that this approach allows us to produce audacious, accurate and director-driven projects.

97% Trailer 2013

Ben Brand

Via an app on his phone, Bert discovers that a 97% lovematch is near. Will he find her before the subway reaches the end of the line?

Starring: Bert Hana, Thirsa van Til, Laura Branderhorst

- 97% represents the Netherlands in the Live action short film category at the Academy awards (2014)
- 97% is sold to CANAL+, France / NBC Universal, Italy / Pacific Voice, Japan
- 97% is included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2013 by EYE International

Dutch Filmfestival 2013-09 Utrecht (Netherlands) 
Shortcutz Filmfestival 2013-10 Amsterdam (Netherlands) WINNER OF THE MONTH
Asiana Filmfestival 2013-11 Seoul (South Korea) 
Interfilm filmfestival 2013-11 Berlin (Germany) 
Cinerail Festival 2013-11 Paris (France) WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD 
Suikerzoet Filmfestival 2013-11 Schiedam (Netherlands)
Shorts Attack 2013-12 Berlin (Germany) 
Go Short 2014-04 Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Lanzarote Film Festival 2014-04 Lanzarote (Spain)
Festival du Cinéma Européen 2014-04 Lille (France)
Swiss kurzfilmnacht-tour 2014-04 Tour (Swiss)
Aspen Shortfest 2014-04 Aspen (USA)
Melbourne, ACMI Cinema Centre 2014-04 Melbourne (Australia)
Cellu l'art filmfestival 2014-05 Jena (Germany) WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD
Cinesogni - Circolo del cinema 2014-05 Ravenna (Italy)
UNLOCK CINEMANIGHT Festival 2014-05 Krasnodar (Russia)
Setúbal International Film Festival 2014-06 Festroia (Portugal)
Salento International Film Festival 2014-06 Tricase (Italy)
KALIBER35 Short Film Festival 2014-06 Munich (Germany)
Tabor Short Film Festival 2014-06 Hrvatsko zagorje (Croatia)
Cinefiesta Film Festival 2014-07 Caugas (Puerto Rico) WINNER BEST DIRECTOR AWARD
Salento Finibus Terrae Festival 2014-07 Fasano (Italy)
Postira Seaside Film Festival 2014-07 Hrvatska Brac (Croatia)
ONE Country ONE Film Festival 2014-07 Apchat (France)
21st Capalbio Cinema ISFF 2014-07 Tuscany (Italy)
Recontres du Film Court 2014-07 Antananarivo (Madagascar)
Intervideo talent award, 2014-07 Mainz (Germany) WINNER 3RD PRIZE, TALENT AWARD
Drama International Short Film Festival 2014-09 Drama (Greece)
Shortvisions International Short Film Festival 2014-09 Ningbo (China)
Digital Arts Festival 2014-10 Titusville (USA)
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2014-10 Barcelona (Spain)
Cluj Film Festival 2014 2014-10 Romenia (Cluj-Napoca)
Capalbio Cinema 2014-10 Capalbio (Italy)
Bangalore International Film Festival 2014-10 Bangalore (India)
Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2014-10 Higashi-Sapporo (Japan) WINNER BEST NON DIALOGUE SHORT 
Manhattan Short international Film Festival 2014-10 300 cities across 6 continents 
Heart of Gold International Film Festival 2014-10 Queensland (Australia)
Curtocircuíto – International Short Film Festival 2014-10 Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival 2014-11 Brugge (Belgium
Courts Devant International Short Film Festival 2014-11 Paris (France) 
28th Braunschweig International Film Festival 2014-11 Braunschweig (Germany) 
Cinemático Film Festival 2014-11 California (USA) 
Exground Filmfest 2014-11 Wiesbaden (Germany)


Writer: Thomas van der Ree
Director: Ben Brand
D.o.p: Max Maloney
Producer: Caviar Amsterdam