Dripped from Eddy on Vimeo.


Léo Verrier

Manhattan - In the early 1950's, Jack, a passionate art lover visits museums all day long. Consumed by his desire to absorb the inspiration of his favorite artists, he steals their paintings and...eats them ! Finding himself alone in his apartment after having consumed every painting he has stolen he is still famished... so he tries his hand with a brush, paint and canvas... yielding unexpected results ! A joyful tribute to painters and an homage to Jackson Pollok, « Dripped » imagines the nature of the artistic muse in a completely new and unusual way.

Director: Léo Verrier

Production: ChezEddy

Distributor: Premium Films

Original music: http://pablopico.com/dripped

  • 2013 Academy Awards - Oscars Shortlist
  • 2012 Fubiz TV Awards Shortlist
  • 2012 Reggio Film Festival Staff Special Mention - Animation Category
  • 2012 Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême Valois René Laloux (Animated Short Film Award)
  • 2012 Anirmau Meilleur Court-Métrage Européen
  • 2012 Besancourt Prix Amination / Expérimental
  • 2012 Tokyo Anime Award Competition Notable Entry Prize - General Category
  • 2012 Mecal International Short Film Festival (Spain) Chimay International Award
  • 2012 Ciné'Mômes Prix du Jury + Prix du Public
  • 2012 Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose) Meilleur Film d’Animation
  • 2012 Festival du Cinéma Européen Meilleur Court-Métrage d'Animation
  • 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival Best Animated Short Film
  • 2012 Nashville Film Festival Best Animated Short Film
  • 2011 Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy Official Selection
  • 2011 Stiges Film Festival Best Animated Short Film
  • 2011 Les Nuits Magiques Prix du Public
  • 2011 Anima Mundi Animation Festival (Brazil) Best Soundtrack
  • 2011 Animpact (South Korea) Prix du Public
  • 2011 Festival Silhouette Coup de Coeur Shorts TV + Prix Jeunesse
  • 2011 Brain Wash Paris Meilleur Film
  • 2011 AEAF Awards (Sydney) Best Flash Animation
  • 2011 Festival International du Film d'Animation de Krok (Ukraine) Meilleur Premier Court-Métrage